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Kinetic installation
Dimensions vary per location

Catalogue text ONRUST#8
‘Remora’ is a work that temporarily sucks on to KASK’s exterior. The work is named after a fish called the ‘shark sucker’. The fish attaches itself to its host with a suction cup, while traveling along and enjoying protection at the same time. This interaction is a symbiotic relationship. To be more precise, it is a matter of commensalism, a relationship between two organisms in which one benefits from the other, who in turn does not suffer from it. We speak of mutualism when both parties benefit from the symbiotic relationship. Consider for instance the bluestreak cleaner wrasse. It feeds on parasites and dead body tissue of larger fish, who obviously benefit from this. In my MAP ‘Remora’ will suck itself onto the windows of the Glass Corridor, engaging in a selfless symbiotic relationship with the building of KASK and its residents. ‘Remora’ is a mechanical device that does us a favour, during rain it wipes the window and creates a circular peephole.

Installation view at exhibition MAP#87, KASK, Gent